The Bank’s corporate identifier

Our logo and guidelines on how to use it.


In accordance with the Official Languages Act, there are two official versions of the Bank’s identifier.

On our English website, English appears first and French first on our French website.


On our website, we use the logo in black against a solid light background.

It can also be used in our official teal colour on a solid white background or in white against a solid dark background.

Examples of proper colour usage

examples of proper usage of the Bank's logo


A minimum clearance space surrounding the identifier must be respected. For instance, no other elements, either graphic or text, should appear within the perimeter of the clearance space.

example of clearance

Incorrect uses

The identifier should not be altered in any way, nor should it be exaggerated in size.

Examples of unacceptable alterations:

  • rotation
  • skew
  • over/under sizing
  • disproportionately resized (i.e., stretched)
  • colourizing
  • cropping
  • picture effects (for example, bevel/emboss, reflections, 3D)
examples of unacceptable alterations
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