Used to create a multi-line, plain-text input field where users can enter free-form text. For quick reference, see technical parameters.

Best practices

  • Use in forms for open-ended questions such as requesting feedback or comments.
  • Best to define the number of characters allowed in the response field.


<div class="bocss-textarea__group">
    <textarea name="textarea-2" id="textarea-component-2" class="bocss-textarea "></textarea>
    <label for="textarea-component-2" class="bocss-label">Textarea Component</label>


                [Textarea label="Textarea Component"]


Parameter Values Description
name user-specified Textarea field name
class user-specified Class of the Textarea field
id user-specified ID of the Textarea field
label user-specified Textarea field label
error user-specified Type of error for the Textarea field
maxlength user-specified Defines the maximum number of characters allowed within the Textarea