Used to create a multi-line, plain-text input field where users can enter free-form text. For quick reference, see technical parameters.

Best practices

  • Use in forms for open-ended questions such as when requesting feedback or comments.
  • Write clear and concise questions.
  • Focus on one idea per question.
  • Be neutral and unbiased.
  • Define the number of characters allowed in the response field.



                    [Textarea placeholder="Placeholder" maxlength="300"]Textarea Component[/Textarea]
<div class="bocss-textarea__group" data-field-name="textarea-2">
    <label class="bocss-label" id="bocss-textarea-2-label" for="bocss-textarea-2">Textarea Component</label>
    <textarea name="textarea-2" id="bocss-textarea-2" class="bocss-textarea"
        <span class="charcount">300</span>


Parameter Values Description
id user‑specified HTML id of the field
label user‑specified Label of the field. The content enclosed within the shortcode tags populates this field.
maxlength user‑specified Defines the maximum number of characters allowed within the Textarea
name user‑specified HTML name of the field
placeholder user‑specified Placeholder content for the field
required true, false Set to “true” to make the field mandatory.