A large "hero" banner adds visual appeal to our digital publications such as The Economy, Plain and Simple and the Financial System Hub. For quick reference, see technical parameters.


Hero Banner Example

Description text for hero banner example


                [Hero image="55" title="Hero Banner Example" description="Description text for hero banner example" design="angle"]


Parameter Values Description
image user-specified ID of image
title user-specified Title to appear on the hero banner
description user-specified Text to appear on the hero banner. If left blank, the excerpt is inserted by default.
image_mobile user-specified Image ID for mobile
background_full user-specified Image ID for the entire div
bg user-specified Image background colour
align bottom, top, center Image alignment
text_color user-specified Text colour
hidetext true, false Set to "true" to hide text from the hero banner.
overlap true, false Pulls up the content below
divider true, false Uses the hero as a content divider
duplicate true, false Duplicates the layout on top
svg user-specified Provides a custom SVG
share true, false Show or hide the share buttons
share_message user-specified Message for the share buttons
parallax true, false Specifies if the background should be parallax
overlay true, false Add a semi-transparent overlay behind the text.
layout none, right_aligned, right_aligned_half, left_aligned, left_aligned_half Type of layout. The default is "none".
design none, custom, angle, geometric, graph, rounded, triangle, wave Type of design. The default is "none".